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Crimsonphilia: A Dogs at War Horror


In a world shaped by the actions of a few, their choices reverberate through the lives of many. This is a tale of one such individual, living in the shadows of a legacy not their own but influenced nonetheless by the consequences of decisions made by a group of individuals known only through the ripples they have caused. This story unfolds within the universe of Dogs at War, and while the mainline cast remains unseen, their presence lingers as a haunting reminder of the power each of us holds to change the course of history.

Welcome to a harrowing journey of self-discovery and darkness, where the echoes of the past cast long shadows over the present. In this isolated tale, our protagonist must face the stark reality of a world forever changed by the actions of others, grappling with the weight of the choices made by those who have shaped this realm.

Like the discovery of the Americas and the Manifest Destiny that followed, the creation of the atomic bomb, or the horrors unleashed by humanity during the world wars, the Dogs at War universe is a testament to the indelible impact that seemingly ordinary individuals can have on the lives of countless others. In this world, anthropomorphic animals navigate the same treacherous moral landscape as any conscious beings, their actions leaving a trail of consequences that ripple throughout history.

Join us as we delve into this gripping story, exploring the aftermath of choices made by the unseen yet ever-present mainline cast. Witness the unfolding consequences, and the struggle our protagonist endures as they are confronted by the terrifying realities born from the actions of those who have shaped their world.

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